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Welcome to the Course
"Forcing at successors of singular cardinals and the search of new forcing axioms"!

Here's how it works. The course consists of 7 video lectures (each around 40 minutes long). The videos are accompanied by PDF course material. The material is not designed to be read independently of the lectures, but you are free to try to do so, if you want. The material can be read either during or after the corresponding lecture. The benefits of a video lecture includes the flexibility to stop the video whenever something is unclear and check the notes in between, so have fun! 

Each lecture contains exercises which are clearly listed in the end of the corresponding sections in the lecture notes. Ideally, try to solve the exercises before going to the next lecture. Remember that trying is more important than solving! 

You can also download the entire material as a single PDF file HERE.


Start by watching the 7-minute intro below!

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